VIBEZ.LOVE.LIVE is a small holistic healing store providing Crystal Therapy and Reiki Healing Integration business devoted to bringing you high quality crystals and original handmade artisan jewelry. We personally intuitively choose the pieces we make our jewelry with, to ensure that they deliver the energy our clients need to see a transformation in their lives.

All along we have been providing crystals and minerals to aid clients in their physical healing, their emotional clearing and their spiritual transformation. We acknowledge the truly magical qualities of crystals and minerals… as metaphysical vehicles of change, healing, and growth, but also as individual wonders of nature and what the earth has given us to remember our beauty.

We believe in the power of manifesting our own reality, knowing that it is our destiny to create an uplifting "LIVE" filled with "LOVE", magic, and plenty of good "VIBEZ". When you are spiritually spellbound by the wonders of the world, the sky is the limit!  

Crystals have the power to bring energy and light to those that open their minds and hearts to their capabilities. We hope that you’re interested in learning more and would feel honoured to share our knowledge and community with you. 

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We love chatting and connecting with our customers during our live sales; We hope to see you there!